Jamia Tur Rasheed

JTR Hostel Upgradation Project

Enhancing Student Accommodation

We are excited to announce the JTR Hostel Upgradation Project, a significant initiative aimed at enhancing the living conditions and capacity of our beloved hostel. This project comes in response to the increasing number of students joining our institution, ensuring that we can continue to provide comfortable and high-quality accommodation.

Key Highlights of the Upgradation Project:

1. Addition of New Beds: To accommodate the growing student population, we are adding several new beds to the hostel. This will not only increase our capacity but also ensure that every student has a comfortable place to rest and study.

2. Installation of New Closets: Understanding the need for personal storage space, we are upgrading each room with new, spacious closets. This improvement will help students keep their belongings organized and secure.

3. Enhanced Facilities: Alongside these major additions, we are also reviewing other facilities within the hostel to ensure that all students have access to the amenities they need for a conducive living and learning environment.

Project Motivation

The decision to upgrade the JTR Hostel is driven by the significant increase in student numbers in recent years. As our institution continues to grow and attract more students from diverse backgrounds, it is imperative that our accommodation facilities evolve to meet these demands.

How You Can Contribute

        1. Donate: Financial contributions are vital to the success of this project. Your donations will directly fund the purchase of new beds, closets, and other essential upgrades. Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a difference.

        2.Spread the Word: Help us reach a wider audience by sharing information about this project within your networks. The more people we can engage, the greater the impact we can achieve together.

How to Donate:

 Fill the form, Our team will be in touch with you InshaAllah.